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Advertising inquiries should be sent to editorial office. Reserve space for display advertisements three weeks prior to publication date. Display and classified advertisement copy must be received at least three weeks prior to publication. Display and classified advertisements are priced at a rate for insertion in one issue or at a discounted rate for insertions in three or more issues (not necessarily consecutive). Classified advertisements are priced per line, with a minimum charge of six lines.

For further information or to submit advertising, contact:

    Helga Kasdorf, Editorial Office
    1310 Taylor Ave.,
    Winnipeg, Man.  R3M 3Z6

    Telephone: (204) 654-5766
    Toll-free in Canada: (888) 669-6575
    Fax: (204) 654-1865
    E-mail: Helga Kasdorf

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Last modified: Dec 19, 2005

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