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Mennonite Brethren HeraldVolume 46, No. 10October 2007
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Stories we live by:

God’s greatness confirmed

Ken Reddig


Some habits never change

Laura Kalmar

Text message:

My favourite Bible verse


Better late than never

Gratitude has no expiration date

Terrie Todd

Intersection of faith and life:

Send the dog, keep the grandson

James Toews

The Bible is the prime requisite for our pastoral ministry. There is nothing more difficult to do than to deal intimately with people in personal relations. It is much easier to preach. Somebody once asked Gregory of Nazianzus a question. He replied, “I would rather answer that one in the pulpit!” It is easier to deal with [people’s] needs in the mass in the sacred enclosure of the pulpit than to face them alone in the intimate relationship of a pastoral visit.

Donald G. Miller, Fire in Thy Mouth

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