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Mennonite Brethren HeraldVolume 46, No. 03March 2007
European leaders face challenges in 2007
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Gospel Chapel, Grand Forks, B.C. welcomed James Wilson as associate pastor for youth, young adults, and young families in November. His installation/commissioning service was Jan. 14. Pictured are (l–r) Arnie Peters, Louise Peters, James Wilson and wife Jaime Wilson, Judy Klassen, and pastor Henry Klassen.

Valerie Yiu began ministry as part-time pastor at Richmond (B.C.) Pacific Grace MB Church in October. She oversees more than 60 children who attend the church each week.

Raymond Seetoh is serving as pastor of North Shore Bethel Christian MB Church, Vancouver, as of November. He is a recent graduate of Regent College in Vancouver.

MB Biblical Seminary is saying farewell to two long-term professors from its Fresno, Cal. campus. Raymond Bystrom, professor of pastoral ministries, and James Westgate, associate professor of practical studies, will both retire at the end of the 2006–2007 school year.

Bystrom has been with the seminary for 16 years, serving as both faculty member and director of theological field education, and publishing numerous articles and books. “Ray’s vision for the missional church has provided the focus for the articulations of the seminary’s theological core values. His forthright and caring concern for students will be part of his legacy,” says academic dean Lynn Jost. Bystrom and his wife Betty plan to move back to B.C. to be closer to family.

Westgate came to the seminary 13 years ago. He taught a variety of courses, organized the Cross-Cultural Ministry course, and spearheaded many partnerships between the seminary and local churches and non-profit organizations. “Jim’s passion for the transformation of community systems as well as needy persons has been a beacon for us,” says Jost. Westgate plans to write, develop a handbook on church health and revitalization, and continue to work at community development initiatives.

In December, Ron and Fran Penner completed more than 26 years of missionary service overseas and in North America with MBMS International, most recently working in church relations and regional mobilization. MBMSI honoured the Penners’ faithful and wholehearted service at an appreciation dinner in the fall. Ron is now serving as senior pastor at Kingsburg (Cal.) MB Church.

Andrew Stanley resigned as pastor of worship arts at South Abbotsford (B.C.) Church in December.

Vancouver On-Nu-Ri Church closed in August.

Cedar Mountain Community Church, Squamish, B.C., closed in October.

Vietnamese MB Church of Love, Vancouver, closed in December.

Baptisms and new members

Note: Baptism photos appear in the paper version of the Herald but not in the online version.

  • Winkler (Man.) MB Church welcomed 10 new members by baptism June 4. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Phillip Vallelly, Sandra Hildebrand, Gina Klassen, Hailey Wiebe, Victoria Rempel, Danielle Peters, Daniel Friesen, Jacylyn Janzen, Michael Bremner, Rachel Wall, and Tim Peters.
  • Winkler (Man.) MB Church welcomed 4 new members June 10, 3 by baptism and 1 through transfer. Pictured are (l–r) Charles Loewen (b), Rachel Loewen (t), Teresa Wiebe (b), Dwayne Wall (b), pastor Phillip Vallelly.
  • Winkler (Man.) MB Church welcomed 5 new members Nov. 19, 2 by baptism and 3 by confession of faith. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Terry Dueck, Abe Banman (cf), Shirley Banman (cf), pastor Phillip Vallelly, Carmelle Nickel (b), Maryanne Hofer (b), and Henry Giesbrecht (cf).
  • Winkler (Man.) MB Church welcomed 1 new member by baptism Nov. 11. Pictured are (l–r) pastor James Peters and Henry Kuhl.
  • Parliament Community Church, Regina, welcomed 3 new members by baptism Dec. 10. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Philip Gunther, Quinton Hornoi, Mary-Jane Hornoi, pastor Jason Unruh, and Aaron Braun.
  • L’Intersection, Terrebonne, Que. welcomed 7 new members by baptism Aug. 20. Pictured are (back, l–r) pastor Patrice Nagant, Jean Pierre Gauthier, Benoit Roch, Martin Laplante, and pastor David Miller; (front) Johanne Kirouac, Marie-Lyne Nault, Élysa Cyr-Vizzi, and Huguette Archambault.
  • South Langley (B.C.) MB Church welcomed 6 new members Dec. 3, 4 by baptism and 2 by transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) pastor Wes Dahl, Bryon Sherk (b), and Ian Matties (t); (front) pastor Kevin Schultz, Dave Navarro (b), Susan Hames (b), and Amanda Matties (t); (sitting) Tessa Guenther (b).
  • Bakerview MB Church, Abbotsford, B.C. welcomed 6 new members by baptism Jan. 7. Pictured are (l–r) Joel Unruh, pastor Tim Wiebe, Nadine Kroeker, Nathan Spenst, Abigail Thurley, Bradley Zacharias, Jake Friesen, and pastor Michael Dick.
  • Fourth Avenue Bible Church, Niverville, Man. welcomed 3 new members by baptism Nov. 12. Pictured are (l–r) Loreena Kardash, Melissa Grift, pastor Daniel Williams, and Larisa Kardash.
  • Southridge Community Church, St. Catharines, Ont. welcomed 10 new members by baptism Jan. 31, 2006: Marilyn Day, Rachel McArdle, Billy Black, Tabitha Froom, Glen MacIntyre, Eleane Orr, Danielle Norris, Aleena Wilton, Steve Coates, and Amber Grottick.
  • Central Community Church, Chilliwack, B.C. welcomed 1 new member by baptism Dec. 10: Joyce Walker.
  • Coaldale (Alta.) MB Church welcomed 4 new members by baptism in November and December. Pictured are (back, l–r) Kendell Wiens, Daniella Doerksen, Jared Clark, and Jason Wiens; (front) pastor Lorne Willms, pastor Tim Clark, and pastor Dale Friesen.
  • North Peace MB Church, Fort St. John, B.C. welcomed 3 new members by baptism in December. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Rod Willems, pastor Tim Blois, pastor Les Riediger, Maeghan Driedger, Ried McTavish, Myles Hanson, and moderator Wayne Klassen.
  • Glencairn MB Church, Kitchener, Ont. welcomed 3 new members Dec. 10, 1 by baptism, 1 by confession of faith, and 1 by transfer. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Ross Penner, Christina Klassen (b), Kendyll Cassels (cf), pastor Ben Cassels (t), and pastor Bill Stubbs.

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