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Mennonite Brethren HeraldVolume 45, No. 12September 22, 2006
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Andy Johnson has resigned as pastor of The Dwelling Place in Kitchener, Ont. He and Chandra are returning to Fresno, Cal. to seek further direction regarding future ministry.

Joshua (Peggy) Knaak has resigned as pastor of worship and witness at Dalhousie Community Church, Calgary, and is entering a position in the financial industry.

On July 1, Brad Huebert took on the role of lead pastor at Dalhousie Community Church, Calgary. He had been serving as youth pastor at Dalhousie since last fall. Earlier, he served as youth pastor at Winkler (Man.) MB Church for 9 years. He and Shauna have three children: Noah, Glory, and Joel.

After 4 years ministry at Richmond Park MB Church, Brandon, Man., youth pastor Scott (Susan) Dueck resigned this summer to pursue an education degree through Brandon University.

The Vancouver Onnuri Church, Burnaby, B.C., a church plant among Korean Canadians, which was adopted by the B.C. Board of Church Extension in 2001, has closed. Pastor John (Becky) Koo is continuing in ministry, mainly in Korea, while residing in Surrey, B.C. He says members of the small congregation have already found new spiritual homes.

Chad (Sarah) Dranchuk completed service as pastor of youth and music at New Hope Christian Church, Delta, B.C., as of Aug. 20.

Ron van Akker is the new lead pastor at Central Community Church, Chilliwack, B.C., as of Sept. 1. He previously served as assistant senior pastor at Willingdon Church, Burnaby for 4 1/2 years. He is also completing his second term as moderator of the B.C. MB Conference. He and Sherrie have a daughter, Kristen.

After serving 17 1/2 years as pastor of Kelowna Gospel Fellowship Church, Larry Schram has resigned. He plans to complete a master’s degree at ACTS Seminary, Langley, as well as take time for rest and renewal while considering the direction of future ministry. He and Erna have two grown children.

Baptisms and new members

Note: Baptism photos appear in the paper version of the Herald but not in the online version.

  • North Peace MB Church, Fort St. John, B.C., welcomed 14 new members June 4, 12 by baptism, 1 by transfer, and 1 by confession of faith. Pictured are (back, l–r) Wayne Fehr (b), Ryan Braun (b), pastor Tim Blois, Kevin Doucette (t), Mike Waddell (b), Dave Mertton (b); (middle) pastor Les Riediger, Dana Scholten (b), Whitney Friesen (b), Janelle Riediger (b), Lali David (b), Vasile David (b), pastor Rod Willems; (front) Kristin Hansen (b), Joy Amendt (b), Ruth Clark (cf), and Darian Clark (b).
  • Hepburn (Sask.) MB Church welcomed 10 new members by baptism June 11. Pictured are (l–r) Jordon Jeschke, Josh Nightingale, Jesse Friesen, Caleb Friesen, Jaret Martens, Chris Derak, Erin Willems, Brad Hamm, Sara-Jane Willems, pastor Paul Morgun, and Brittany Paetkau.
  • Dalmeny (Sask.) Community Church received 13 new members April 23, 2 by baptism and 11 by transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) Kevin Mann, Scott Werner, Gary Janzen, Joe Miller, Dave Chalmers, pastor Gary Sawatzky; (front) Joanne Mann, Andria Werner (b), Mary Janzen, Trudy Miller, Norma Chalmers, and Natalie Linden (b). Missing are Kevin Johnson and Shelley Johnson.
  • Central Community Church, Chilliwack, B.C., welcomed 13 new members June 18, 10 by baptism and 3 by transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) pastor Dave Jackson, Sydney Ablitt (b), Laura Friesen (b), Natalie Van Wyck (b), Todd Van Wyck (b), pastor Mike Froese; (front) Darlene MacDonald (b), Jim Toohey, Wendy Toohey, Jesse Olivier (b), Eric Tiessen (b), and Melissa Haan (b). Missing are Alfred Sawatzky, Bob Matzek (b), and Brittany Matzek (b).
  • South Abbotsford (B.C.) Church welcomed 12 members July 15–16, 1 by baptism and 11 by testimony or transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) Nathan Toews, pastor Anne Dyck, pastor Jake Dyck; (middle) Rosanna Toews, Shirley Gotzke, Abe Gotzke; (front) Steve Brown, Lea Brown, and Renate Steffen (b). Missing are John Harry, Rajneet Harry, Holly Isaac, Chris Sperling, and Jane Sperling.
  • Central Heights Church, Abbotsford, B.C., welcomed 18 new members May 28, 12 by baptism, 2 by transfer, and 4 by confession of faith: Henry Dyck (t), Tina Dyck (t), Caleb Enns (b), Helmut Gutknecht (cf), Catalina Gutknecht (cf), Jung-Wan Han (b), Bethany Hanks (b), KyungBae Kim (b), Eldon Koop (b), Jin-A Lee (b), Won Lee (b), Katheryn Maarsman (b), Na-ri (Caroline) Nam (b), Megan Naples (b), Celina Reed (b), Kyung-Mi (Ami) Thoutenhoofd (cf), Helen Wagner (cf), and Carissa Wiens (b).
  • Arnold (B.C.) Community Church welcomed 3 new members by baptism July 16. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Robert Dyck, Naomi Rempel, Jenny Lang, Nelson Bergen, and pastor Andrew Haak.
  • Dalhousie Community Church, Calgary, welcomed 5 new members by baptism June 11. Pictured are (back, l–r) officiant Abe Quiring, pastor Mark Jantzen, pastor Joshua Knaak, Chris Bewernick; (front) Rob Wiebe, Moe Raymond, Gail Reynolds, and Chelsea Hackman.
  • Philadelphia MB Church, Watrous, Sask., welcomed 4 new members by baptism June 25. Pictured are (l–r) pastor LaVerne Jantz, Kandis Wall, Spencer Dick, Woodrow Klassen, Kenny Hyalt, pastor Darren Holland.
  • Northwest Community Church, Meadow Lake, Sask., baptized Elmer Miller (left, age 94) and Eileen Millar (centre, age 92) Apr. 14. Also pictured is pastor Dan Stobbe.
  • Hepburn (Sask.) MB Church welcomed 1 new member by baptism May 28. Pictured are Leah Murray and pastor Jeff Peters.

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