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Mennonite Brethren HeraldVolume 44, No. 02February 4, 2005
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Dennis and Faith Friesen have resigned from their 12-year pastoral ministry at Gospel Fellowship Church, Foam Lake, Sask., effective summer 2005. No further plans have been announced. The church is entering into a pastoral search process.

Peter and Dorothea Koehn began ministry as lead pastor couple in Fourth Avenue Bible Church, Niverville, Man. in November 2004. Peter was born in Russia and immigrated to Germany. There he studied at the University in Bonn with a major in Computer Science and Business. He was involved in teaching and preaching ministry in Germany and Russia. Peter studied theology at MB Biblical Seminary, Fresno, Cal. and at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, Cal. Most recently they were farming in the Beausejour, Man. area while focussing on becoming acculturated to Canada. They have four children, Geoffrey, Colin, Philine and John.

Jennifer Sheasby was appointed part-time children’s ministry director in Forest Grove Community Church, Saskatoon, this fall.

Boissevain (Man.) MB Church has called Wayne Eisbrenner to be their lead pastor beginning Feb. 1.

Jim and Pauline Miller are interim/transitional pastoral couple in Crestwood MB Church, Medicine Hat, Alta. Former pastor Murray and Diane Schmidt are planning on leaving for ministry in Africa under AIM this summer.

Sheena Wilson, a PhD candidate from Sherwood Park, Alta., has been named the Canadian Japanese–Mennonite Scholarship recipient for 2004. The scholarship, worth $2,000, was established in 1985 as a tangible expression of regret for the injustices suffered by the Japanese–Canadians during World War II.

—MCC news release

Selwyn Uittenbosch has been named Finance Team Leader for MBMS International. He is married to Helen and they have 4 children, Derrick, Trevor, Kristyn and Stephanie. He holds a BA from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Mich, an MBA from McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont., and is a chartered accountant. He has worked the last 7 years as CFO for a multiinational advertising agency. He has been active in church leadership in Waterloo, Ont.

Greg Wiens began as associate pastor of youth and young adult ministries at Elmwood MB Church, Winnipeg, in July. He attended Columbia Bible College 1993–1995 and is currently studying at Providence College. Greg ministered in Elm Creek (Man.) MB Church for 5 years. He and Heather have 4-year-old twins, Hannah and Aaron.

Baptisms and new members

Note: Baptism photos appear in the paper version of the Herald but not in the online version.

  • Sunrise Community Church, Edmonton, welcomed 4 new members by baptism Feb. 29. Pictured are (back, l–r) Steven Kish, Robert Johnston; (front) moderator Peter Klassen, Shantel Thiessen, Katie Leonardo, pastor Dennis Wiens.
  • Evergreen Heights Christian Fellowship, Simcoe, Ont. welcomed 5 new members Oct. 31, 3 by baptism and 2 by confession of faith. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Richard Martens, Marilynn Craig (cf), Lois Johnston (cf), Debby Field-Mulder (b), Kathy McMinn (b) and Glenda Kochany (b).
  • Willow Park Church, Kelowna, B.C. welcomed 5 new members by baptism recently. Pictured are (l–r) Desmond Cressell, Kristofer Wiens, Amber Walde, Joelle Siemens and Danielle Belleau.
  • Willow Park Church, Kelowna, B.C. welcomed 15 new members by baptism recently. Pictured are (back, l–r) Jenny Beston, Renae Hall, Regan Bartel, Al Terry, Jim Bradford; (middle) Bradley Gay, Colleen Gay, Calvin Foster, Tracy Foster, Lynda Wilkie, Linda MacDonald, Lin Moss, Sandra Hilts, pastor Ellen Hubert, Patty Congdon, Lloyd Congdon; (front) Jodi Christiansen, Alicia Anderson and Jacqueline Gabelhouse. Not pictured is Michael Gunn.
  • Ross Road Community Church, Abbotsford, B.C. welcomed 8 new members Oct. 24, 5 by baptism and 3 by transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) Emily Trachuk (b), Chris Dyck (t), pastor James Penner, Marc Misner (t), Esthie Misner (t); (front) Karl Trachuk (b), Emily Trachuk (b), Tara Enns, (b) and Kathryn McLean (b).
  • Meadow Brook Fellowship, Leamington, Ont., welcomed 6 new members Dec. 5, 4 by baptism and 2 by transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) pastor Graham Beer, instructor Roger Epp, Jake Friesen (t), Susan Friesen (t), Matt Cornies (b), pastor Henry Regier; (front) Cindy Johnston (b), Bev Gow (b) and Jamie Helkie (b).
  • North Kildonan MB Church, Winnipeg, welcomed 17 new members Nov. 21, 6 by baptism and 11 by transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) pastor Markus Deutsch, Wesley Funk (t), Ronda Firman (t), Ken Zacharias (t), Stefan Doerksen (t), Alvis Pettker (b), pastor George Klassen; (front) pastor Marilee Deutsch, Rufina Funk (t), Melanie Wiebe (t), Levi Wiebe (t), Rachel Wiebe (b), Janet Zacharias (t), Ela Klaue (b), Amber Radtke (b), Yolande Jean-Paul (b), pastor Roland Marsch. Not pictured are pastor Eric Friesen (t), Mindi Friesen (t), Gerhard Janzen (t) and Helene Janzen (t)
  • River West Christian Church, Edmonton, welcomed 5 new members Nov. 21, 2 by baptism and 3 by confession of faith. Pictured are (l–r) Linda Collin (cf), Duane Collin (cf), pastor Kerry Dyck, Vicki Cunningham (cf), Michael Struhan (b) and Marion Kearney (b).
  • Dalhousie Community Church, Calgary, welcomed 3 new members Nov. 28, 1 by baptism and 2 by confession of faith. Pictured are Myrna Willford (b), pastor Mark Jantzen, Miriam Warkentin (cf) and Bryan Warkentin (cf).
  • Lakeview Community Church, Killarney, Man., welcomed 4 new members Nov. 7, 1 by baptism, 2 by transfer and 1 by confession of faith. Pictured are (l–r) pastor Allan Labun, Tyler Poetker (b), Pauline Peters (cf), Stephanie Bauer (t) and Stephan Bauer (t).
  • Fort Garry MB Church, Winnipeg, welcomed 6 new members Nov. 21, 2 by baptism and 4 by confession of faith. Pictured are (l–r) pastor John Unger, Krystal Kroeker (b), Angela Friesen (cf), Bob Friesen (cf), Janet Friesen (cf), Tracey Walther (cf) and Paul Walther (b).
  • Grantham MB Church, St. Catharines, welcomed 7 new members Oct. 17, 4 by baptism and 3 by confession of faith. Pictured are (back, l–r) pastor Jamie Reimer, Eric Fast (b), Dorothy Unrau (cf), Hank Unrau (cf), pastor Bob Enns; (front) Naomi Reimer (cf), Alyssa Heidebrecht (b), Alissa Allan (b) and Jackie Marin (b).
  • Hope Fellowship Church, Saskatoon, welcomed 29 new members Nov. 14, 6 by baptism and 23 by confession of faith and transfer. Pictured are Pat McKay, Mervin Larson, Hilda Larson, Emily Rutledge, Matthew Kennedy (b), Rebecca Kennedy, Anna Haromy, David Reimer, Hannah Reimer, Aaron Reimer, Lee Harris (b), Crystal Harris (b), Ariana Redekop, Roxane Bell, Ron Medwid, Gladys Medwid, Jessie Lowes, Jeffrey Rousay, Jamie Mercereau, Heather Lipp, Stevie Froese, Nicholas Froese, Megan Fehr, Jeremy Wuschke, David Kennedy, Jared Jones (b), Matthew Jones (b), Kevin Fehr (b) and Nathaniel Redekop.
  • Bakerview MB Church, Abbotsford, welcomed 7 new members by baptism Dec. 5. Pictured are pastor Michael Dick, Cameron Guenther, Beth Friesen, Heather Smith, Jennifer Beauregard, Tim Wiebe, Amy Harris, Ray Harris.
  • Waldheim (Sask.) MB Church welcomed 17 new members Nov. 28, 16 by baptism and 1 by transfer. Pictured are (back, l–r) Geoff Schultz (b), Amanda Driedger (b), Jesse McWalter (b), Shannon Seaboyer (b), James Hack (b), Nathan Siemens (b), Derek Bueckert (b); (middle) pastor Clarence Peters, Jeana Berg (b), Thea Peters (b), Susanne Unruh (b), Angela Foth (b), Cody Epp (b), pastor Justin Klassen; (front) Laura Block (b), Amber Giesbrecht (b), Jocelynn Unruh (b), Brooke Quiring (b). Not pictured is Jacqueline Block (t).

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