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Mennonite Brethren HeraldVolume 42, No. 14October 24, 2003
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Installation service for new president

Winnipeg, Man.

Ontario and Honduras churches forge partnership

Ont. St. Catharines

“We’re Here!” celebration launches new church in Winnipeg

Winnipeg, Man.

Indian Mennonite Brethren help fire victims

Chitlamkunta, India

Glenbush church celebrates 75 years

Glenbush, Sask.

Israel’s ‘security fence’ disrupts life for Palestinians

Jayyous, West Bank

People & events

“Persecution is one of the most important instruments God has to purify the church. Once, when I was speaking at a university in North America, I made the statement that capitalism has killed more Christians than communism. The sooner we recognize that in the West, the healthier we will be as believers. Oppressive ideologies, like communism and Islam, cut away the unnecessary things and bring you back to the basics of faith in Jesus Christ.”

Brother Andrew, international Bible smuggler, in an interview in Compass Direct, May 30, 1996

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